A Void Afterlife

hello and welcome to the site, my names flowey, but you can also call me wilbur. i am just a person on the internet who likes many things at the moment, i will say more about these things once you continue scrolling more. im currently trying my best to learn html, film, and roblox development, you can tell that im learning html from this site that i have. enough of rambling, lets continue.

continue at your own pace.

things about the webmaster

  • i am (trying) to learn code and other subjects so then i can succeed in my development skills.
  • i am a trans guy thats a gay t4t.
  • scared to tell my parents that i have some symptoms of physcopathy.
  • infp-t, libra, born on oct.18th.
  • i really like args, horror, gore, and other horror related things because my little brain says so.
  • energetic through text and real life.
  • i am currently obbsessed with the song audit by weevildoing, go check it out!
  • my favorite game at the moment is .flow which is a yume nikki fangame (::

my likes

  • minecraft
  • music
  • roblox
  • nostalgia
  • gore
  • horror
  • args
  • videogames
  • toro inoue
  • bfdi
  • roblox myths
  • dick figures
  • wilbur soot
  • pokaylive

things i dislikes

  • loud sounds
  • getting ignored
  • misogony
  • toxic friends
  • my father

things that i fucking love rn

  • yume nikki and all its fangames
  • wilbur soot
  • args
  • analog horrors
  • bursonas
  • slimecicle
  • pokaylive
  • ted nivison
  • chuckle sandwhich
  • fnaf and blueycapsules
  • baddie smp (including kuris conner, drew gooden, and danny gonzalez)
  • bfdi